The Daughter of Zion

Mystery Babylon the Great

2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 1Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, 2That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

The law was given through Moses, not to hinder us, but to show us what sin is. Sin is a means to draw near to God, through a blood sacrifice, for this generation our spiritual sacrifice to offer to God is the precious Blood of Jesus, a Lamb without blemish or spot. Now I know that does not make much sense to the self-natural human spirit mind, but give me a moment to explain. Our self-natural human spirit mind, the unconscious or our thoughts deceive us and make excuses for the laws we break which is sin. In the world we have been taught that if, we break the law, than we are bound by the law, and there is a financial, physical, or emotional penalty to pay. Thus, we are subject to the law and the system of the law and those of the law in the world. This is how courts, judges, prosecuting attorney's, defense attorneys, convictions, affidavits, guilty, not guilty and a whole lot of other legal terms that are created to confuse the poor, uneducated, the simple and so on has come about. This is a way of supporting a legal system and those of the legal system and a way of creating jobs and bringing in trillions of dollars for the different structures of the law.

Babylonian Obelisk Code

God intended the law to show us sin and the cost of sin, for when I was in the world and was under the law, I lived even though I did not know sin. The law, lawyers, politicians, financial institutions and all those who create the law, have made it hard for the simple to understand sin that is given in the old law. With their long definitions of legal terms and highly educated words of misunderstanding, assumptions and speculation, the law has become a means to suppress and oppress the meek and lowly in spirit. Even though God Almighty creates the law, Satan and his workers of iniquity have used the law as a means to confuse and oppress. Now that I am in Christ Jesus though, I am no longer under the law, but I now know what sin is, for the sin that is under the law deceived me and brought about a life of suppression and oppression. When I sin, I do the things I do not want to do, like drugs, drinking, smoking, profanity, adultery, fornication, and so on. I could not do those things that I wanted to do. I wanted to quit drinking, doing drugs, I did not want to break the law and go to court, to jail, to this program and that program and so on. I did not like those things I did, that I knew were wrong, but I did them anyway because of sin that reigned in my flesh.

1 Corinthians 15:55-57 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Through the law of God, I know the law is spiritual, though I myself through the self-natural human spirit mind did not understand the law and sin. My self-natural human spirit mind was a slave to sin and the servant of sin. The sin that dwelled in me and kept me subject to those things I did not want to do, like breaking the law is now no longer me breaking the law, but the sin that I am a slave to. Now I know that the law of the world was coming against my self-natural human spirit mind. I now put the Blood of Jesus over my mind and put on the mind of Christ. I now know that through the mind of Jesus Christ who is now in me, I am no longer a slave to sin and those laws of the world. I now put on the new man, through the Blood of Jesus Christ and am no longer a servant of sin. I no longer seek those things that are of the self-natural human spirit, but I now walk in the Spirit of God. I no longer fulfill those things of the self-natural human spirit and am no longer subject to the ways of the law that leads one to Death.

The law of the Spirit of life, through putting on the Blood of Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and Death. God sent His dear Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross in the likeness of sinful man and for sin and condemned sin in the flesh. The self-natural human spirit mind is an enemy against God, for it is not subject to the law of God, or can be. Those who live according to the self-natural human spirit mind cannot please God. So then if Christ be in us, the self-natural human spirit mind is dead, because of sin, we learned from the law, this is the first death. When we have put on the Blood of Jesus, which gives us the new man, Christ Jesus, we are led by the Spirit of God, and now we are sons of God, because of the Holy Spirit that now resides in us. Now that we are heirs of God and do walk in the Light, because Christ Jesus is our Light, the Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin, we are then able to fellowship with each other as sons of God. We now have the word of God, abiding in us and the Spirit of Truth will guide us in all Truth. Now we know that sin is a means to draw close to God as we sin, but is not a free pass for us to sin.

The Holy Spirit of Truth, Comfort, and Love will teach us all things and lead us in the Light, through Christ Jesus. Whatever the Holy Spirit hears from God, He shall speak and teach us things to come. Thus, we have the washing of God’s word. The Truth that is in Christ Jesus shall sanctify us by the words we hear and the words we hear we will do, because we want to please God. Gods will, according to Gods way, Gods time and all we do is for Gods Glory. As many of us that put on the Blood of Jesus Christ and do God’s will, not our own self-free will, are sons of God! Amen. There is a big difference between free will and self-free will. I want to express that through one's self-free will that the self-natural human spirit and self-natural human spirit mind, will send us on our way to eternal Death. Self-free will is the will of the self-natural human spirit and self-natural human spirit mind. One may choose what he or she wants in this world through the self-natural human spirit and you may think that you are of your own, and through your self-natural human spirit decisions, you may freely choose Death.

There are two kinds of death. Death that is eternal separation from God and death that is of the self-natural human spirit mind. How can one say, "I know what is best for me!" Doesn't God have the blueprints to life and life everlasting and more abundantly? More abundantly is a life selection by God Himself; God chooses whom He will according to the condition of a person’s heart. To choose self-free will, one may decide through self-natural human spirit and self-natural human spirit mind and find themselves and surely die. Where will one's own self-free will come from, a source, an image, an idol, a child, or a man. Explain to me the wants of a child or a man, an image or a source. Explain to me the wants of those who are in this world. To many wants in one-place leads to destruction, take a look around you. Why, would one want to choose their own self-free will that leads to Death? Free will means choose your inheritance; it does not mean choose what you want to do, choose either God or Satan.

I also want to say that God took one rib from each man and made him one woman. God did not say, "Hey guys here is a few billion girls choose which one you want!" I am curious, "Have you found your soul mate yet?" Everlasting life comes and comes more abundantly through the Lord Jesus Christ! For in choosing your inheritance of life and life more abundantly, and life everlasting, will you come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and the Most High God. That is to say that you are of the Lord Jesus Christ in the first place, through the seed of Adam came the Lord Jesus Christ, unto David a prophet and a King. One may choose his or her death or life by recognizing who he or she is and whom he or she belongs to.

According to Romans 8:5-8 it says, For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

When Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden, God told Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or he would Die. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and their eyes were opened. They gave place to disobedience, which is a devil spirit. The unconscious and its presence, embraces the self-natural human spirit mind and corrupts the intelligence. The intelligence that only comes from God and not from a book, a Bible, a preacher, or some other devil that calls himself a son of God, a.k.a. Christian. For no marvel for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light, so than we should not be surprised to see his ministers as ministers of light.

The Devil is a great deceiver and has been using people for centuries to deceive many into believing that one must be taught by some man in a church to teach them the ways of God. God himself will teach us through the Holy Spirit. Now do not get me wrong here, we all need someone to get us started in the basic teachings of the Spirit to get us on our way to walking in the Spirit. For God set in the Church Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, and Ministers to teach us how to grow into the word, which is within God. However, by no means are we to go to some hypocrite church every sun day or Sunday and listen to some self-righteous man interpret scriptures through the self-natural human spirit mind. These people in the churches have gotten more and more greedy and deceptive throughout the years, that only a fool would not recognize the wolves in sheep's clothing with their lies and false doctrines. Claiming they know God and have the Holy Spirit but denying the Truth that is in Christ Jesus and using His Blood. Truth is more than meetings on Sunday, sermons, church congregations, workers of evil, and the Pope. A man is not even supposed to lead a congregation until he is at least thirty years old.

According to Numbers 4:3-4 it says, From thirty years old and upward even until fifty years old, all that enter into the host, to do the work in the tabernacle of the congregation. This shall be the service of the sons of Kohath in the tabernacle of the congregation, about the most holy things:

Jesus did not start His ministry until He was 30 years old. I was 33 and a half when the Lord chose me and blinded me by the Light. I am now doing the will of God, according to His way and His time, for His Glory. Ministers are ordained by God and are taught by God through the Holy Spirit, not by the Pharisees and Sadducees of our time. We are not to learn from theology, philosophy and all their other false doctrines that they study and sale to others. Out of darkness comes a lifestyle of congregation, a religious festival of a sea of self-righteousness or should I say unrighteousness. How can one be righteous through the self-natural human spirit mind? The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one that is Righteous; if you want to be righteous, you have to come to the Lord Jesus Christ and His precious Blood.

Preachers, Priests, Chaplains, Reverends, the Pope and a number of other deceitful workers of evil, the Pharisees and Sadducees of our time have led so many people that are simple and lost, astray. With their false doctrines that they call the word of God, the word of God comes from God. Than we have the money trail, that comes with tithing, tapes, CD's, DVD's, the offering plate, and so on, for their own selfish needs. Ask a Christian for some money out of his or her own pocket sometime, better yet ask them for a place to sleep for the night and see what they tell you. The Pharisees and Sadducees of our time, here in the 21st century are the very hypocrites that are living amongst a generation of hypocrites.

Today, everyone is saved and everyone knows Jesus Christ. Really! About 76% of Americans confess that they are saved and about 60% of those say they are born again. Okay! I hope one may realize that isn’t Truth! So many people here in Israel (the United States) claim to know the Lord Jesus Christ and Almighty God, but in works, they deny the both of them. When you are a hypocrite, you live the life in the spirit of a devil. Those who believe they are saved and born again in the church buildings and out of them and believe they have the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ living in them. Are so deceived by the Devil and Satan's ministers that he has given them a spirit that acts like the Holy Spirit and they don’t even know it. They truly believe they are born again and have the Holy Spirit, but they do not.

There are many devils and demons living amongst and in the houses (bodies) of those on this earth and yes even if you who are a son of God, you can have a demon spirit dwell in you. What is sin and what are demons and devils? Sins are things like doubt, unbelief, disobedience, greed, lust, fear, frustration, and so on. When one sins, he opens a crack in his temple and a demon or devil that comes with that sin moves into your house or body. This eventually leads to devil possessed, oppressed, suppressed and so on. I will talk on this more later. The image of a hypocrite is considered by the appraisal of his fellow demonic friends and the devils that work with him. Many people think and believe they have the Truth, but they are captive to their own belief systems, the Devil, Satan and their own self-natural human spirit minds. An image is something one longs to be other than that what he or she was intended to be. One can see where that will take you in the ways of deceit. I do not need to tell you what deceit is.

The Holy Spirit is a means to hope in a generation of carnal minded hypocrites leading those of God astray in the church buildings. Our adversary the Devil and Satan are waiting to consume you and me and our carnal minds and to kill, steel and destroy whomever they can. I hope to lead you to another dimension and another realm, the third Heaven where there is forgiveness of sins and a means of keeping those evil spirits from dwelling within you. This is not forgiveness that has been taught in the synagogues or churches. This thing called; just ask Jesus into your heart is from the pit of hell and is not the doctrine of God, but the doctrine of a devil. We all know by now what church is all about; greed, money, self-righteousness, self-exaltation, self-glorification, and a number of other devils and demons.

These devils and demons will lead one into a pit of corruption and eventually the pit of Hell. Corruption is an inhabited presence of one's own understanding relating to an in genuine relationship with one's own ideas and thoughts of others set forth by that of the Devil and Satan. I am speaking of your own self-natural human spirit mind. A person’s own personality or rather one's own self-natural human spirit mind brings about a life of corruption relating to one's own mind that is of the self-natural human spirit. Thought is nothing more than corrupting one’s self and allowing the Devil and Satan a way to entice and torment your mind. Thought is the act or process of reasoning or judging one's own self-natural human spirit or that of a deity.

When one thinks of how he or she feels for example, one brings about powers, principalities, dominions, demons, devils, and all kinds of workers of iniquity and transgressions that corrupt the mind. The process of judging one's self and forming an opinion and how one may feel, through the identity of emotions is a sin within itself; it is called self-condemnation. We are not to judge ourselves according to the self-natural human spirit mind. One's own emotional past is corruption throughout a generation of corruption and heathen. Before anyone is to say how he or she feels, they must reflect on their past. A past full of trying to find one's self through a system of lies, deception, analyzing, judging, comparing, and so on. To reflect on one's past, you are giving place to the schemes of the Devil and Satan. We are to forget those things of the past and reach for those things that are in the present.

The kingdom of Heaven is now and we walk in the Spirit now, according to the way, the Holy Spirit leads us and directs us. There is no future on reflecting on how one may feel and the feelings in the past. The self-natural human spirit mind is susceptible to involving you in an emotional state of demon and devil possession, oppression, and suppression. This is a means to keep you at an emotional feeling state, so that you will continue to dwell in the past and the things of the past. The past is nothing but corruption and a means to inhabit oneself with demon and devil spirits. One can look back at history from the time God created Adam and Eve until now and we have seen nothing but the memory of corruption and we continue to reinvent the past every day. What has your self-natural human spirit mind and the memory it holds of a corrupted past and those things of the past brought you this far?

Here is a history lesson. Sodom and Gomorrah were annihilated because God could no longer let them do their own thing. If God had continued, letting them do their own thing no one would have lived. Look at Noah and his day’s only eight people were righteous enough to be saved. Everyone else insisted on doing his or her own thing. Let us look at why one must not do their own thing during this time that Satan and his devils are on this earth. The self-natural human spirit and the self-natural human spirit mind are one's own perception of relating to others and how they feel on an emotional level and comparing one's self to a group of words at any given moment in time.

Words you say, Yes! To think how one feels is a means of eternal Death. To think of thought, the carnal mind, in absolute terms, it is essential in a time of evolving. An evolving way of growing into a realism of thought and a pattern of degenerating one's self exclusively to thought. Although one may think, he realizes his own ability and the ability of self-natural human spirit mind; we cannot measure thought or even place where it comes from. The capacity to generate new thought through one's own imagination and that of the Devil and Satan, becomes a series of reflecting on circumstances and an alienated substance of searching for one's self. "Have you found yourself yet?" The question people are asking themselves, “Is there something wrong with me?” as they see the world as we know it, falling apart.

People’s hearts don’t agree with allot of what is going on around them. Those who want to control others, get the majority to feel like the minority through propaganda, the media, etc. This gets one feel like there is something wrong with them. This is how brainwashing begins and an example of how feelings and emotions can get someone to do something they do not want to do. Endless amounts of memorizing useless things taught in a corrupted school system of psychological and metaphysical nonsense has brought about children that are learning to hate authority and have no interest in learning a brainwashing systems of devils and demons. Then we spend our whole lives trying to cram more useless stuff in our minds and our children’s minds and try to recall it to thought and the cycle continues.

Continue to give place to self-natural human spirit mind and your own belief system that you have generated from thought and the brilliant minds of this world and you will surely die. The devils and demons that come and inhabit one's body through giving place to words of thought are beyond one's own understanding. I will tell you right now that those brilliant minds that are in the world giving you their own understanding according to Satan, the Devil and his devils will never give you the understanding of God! Praise God! Glory be to God! These so called brilliant minds in this world are only going to give you enough understanding to keep you in a system of lies from the Devil.


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