The Daughter of Zion

Roman Beast System

The word Church comes from the Old English and German word pronounced kirché. In Scotland, it was "kirk." The following entries are from the Oxford Universal English Dictionary: Church [Old English cirice, circe; Middle English chereche, chiriche, chirche; whence churche, cherche; Greek kuriakón. Kirk The Northern English and Scottish form of CHURCH, in all its senses.

In the earlier Greek it was pronounced "ku-ri-á-kos" or "ku-ri-á-kon." This word doesn't even resemble the Greek word "ecclesia" whose place it has usurped. The meaning of "ku-ri-á-kos" is understood by its root: "kú-ri-os," which means "lord." Thus, "kuriakos" (i.e., "church") means "pertaining to the lord." It refers to something that pertains to, or belongs to, a lord. The Greek "kuriakos" eventually came to be used in Old English form as "cirice" (kee-ree-ké), then "churche" (kerké), and eventually "church" in its traditional pronunciation. A church is something that "pertains to, or belongs to, a lord."

Advantages of a legalistic world under a new reformed Roman law in this generation of heathen has given us a system of lies and a means to send you on your way to eternal Death. A part of the Roman Empire moved from Italy and now resides here in Israel (the United States). Technically we have a separation of church and state, but we are a Christian nation. Christians run our government and also are our social structure within the church.The government system we have now is set up just like that of Rome and is changing into a system I call Corpocracism.

Corpocracism is a word derived from some entities of feudalism, democracy, capitalism, classism, and corporatism to form a government system into a dictatorship and police state. This system is being brought about by a group of people in our own government, corporations, financial institutions and foreign entities. It is an ideology of hypocrisy that is leading to an Israel (the United States) that will sale off every aspect of its nations people to be captive to foreign entities such as corporations, governments, lawyers, financial institutions, banks, individuals and groups of individuals. In its beginning stages working towards a free market in a global economy; capital goods, land, labor, and money will be protected by the state.

The state will enforce ownership of sovereign property, intellectual property, private property, etc. and make us dependent on the state through foreign ownership of property. This will bring about a dictatorship and police state that holds both law-making power and the ability to claim ownership over property. One of the major aspects of Corpocracism is the institution of the law in establishing and protecting private property, especially private ownership of production. This system will force the weak and poor to accept the government of a dictatorship and police state and pay them for protection. As I speak we are being conditioned to be slaves through state control over all aspects of life such as political, social, cultural, and economical systems.

Corpocracism has aligned itself with corporations, financial institutions and foreign entities to form economic oppression that silences opposition (don’t ask questions), judges personal behavior, promotes racism, classism or other means to attempt the concentration of power through the media and create hate towards the enemies of the state. Corporations would have us believe that by an ideology such as Corpocracism we would have the freedom to choose what we consume by how one spends their money and this is the best way to meet people’s material needs. But the economy does not respond to our needs, but responds to how much profit a corporation can take in. This is why corporations are pushing for a free market and global economy. Take research and development for example. Most research and development done by drug corporations are funded by the public.

Allot of research and development is funded by public money to bring us NASA, science, education, etc. Funding for marketing is usually taken up by the corporations once something is developed with our tax money. Once something is developed like prescription drugs which are devil spirits, than the corporations seek to monopolize the product for their profit and intellectual property rights. By establishing property rights, free trade agreements, patents and other means of controlling the economy and the marketing of economic products for their benefit, thus profit. By using state power, such as laws, courts, police, military, etc., fear and violence one can develop something, than they can place laws and remove procedures so no one else can take or better the development of the property.

Congress recently passed a law making it where the drug companies are exempt from paying taxes for the next 50 years. As of now people are given the ability to choose their wants (lust of the flesh) making it easy for corporations to stimulate, manipulate, and exploit your self-natural human spirit mind. This is why people are over worked, stressed, tired and have given place to devils and demons that are invading their relations with their neighbor and the Most High God. The authorities involved in Corpocracism don’t care about the poverty in the inner cities caused by our open borders to Mexico and South America or the social problems like lack of housing, cheap wages, no benefits, drug addiction, the mentally ill or those just released from jails and prisons. They are more concerned with the question of land titles and development of housing for the rich and those who own the land. They want to take care of their investments.

The government and financial institutions use the law, police, even the army to protect their investments. They abandon the poor; give them just enough to keep them homeless, but not starving. Rescue Missions, churches, welfare, human resources, state, local and government programs are set up to funnel money to different organizations, institutions and individuals for their own greedy wants and needs. The hypocrite churches, Christians and other religious sects don’t help individuals, but also do the same as financial institutions. Legalism has brought about suppression in a sense of gathering information in a way of causing confusion and fear to those who are already oppressed. When one or a group can form an opinion out of self-natural human spirit mind, the Devil and Satan, make it a law that suppresses those who are already oppressed, there is definitely something wrong.

Lawyers have taken away the key of knowledge and understanding. They have brought down the simple, through legalistic terms, laws, statutes, reforms and a structure of words and grouping of words to bring about a demon spirit of confusion and the devil spirit of fear to those who are uneducated and poor. The legal system is a means for banks and financial institutions to pass laws generating a way to stay in our pockets. I want to show you how words that are evil spirits in the legal system have brought about the world we know today, from politicians to security guards. The forces of words and there ability to blind the minds and the understanding of the meek has generated an evil force of legalism. I hope to confirm a set of ideas that are not of this world.

Opportunities that arrive from a legal system can and will help us to understand who the Devil and Satan really are. Critically speaking legalism is a system of analyzing information or words and documenting them to keep a record of your past. Gathering information is also a means to find out what you do, who you talk to, where do you go, how do you spend your money, what interests your self-natural human spirit and the lusts of its pleasures. In this, big corporations can invent things and then market them to you, get you to use them in hopes of you breaking the law that they have created from your information. Ever wonder why the average car can go 120 miles an hour, but the fastest speed limit is 80 miles an hour on the freeway?

Ever wonder why it is illegal to drink under 21 years of age, but most marketing of alcohol is to those who are under 21 years of age? Now this is where feelings and emotions come in. Generating a good feeling or a memory of a feeling, through marketing will get you to buy a product that will lead you to do something against the law, or against God. All this causes a system of fear, generating all kinds of demonic forces. Lawyers use assumptions and speculations to form opinions that use the legal system of demonic forces or words like fact, to generate ideas and ideals for structuring a system of financial institutions. A group of highly educated lawyers and politicians, which most politicians are lawyers anyway. They use their own interpretation through the self-natural human spirit mind and gather one’s data in a legal system of devils and has brought about a way of oppressing and suppressing us and those around us.

Ever buy something you didn’t want or really didn’t need. I have; I just had to have it and when I got it home I used it a few times, than stuck it on a shelf, than later in a box. Let’s look at lust of the eyes it goes well with pride. I’ve gone into a store in the past because I was bored which is a demon spirit, had my mind set on getting a couple things or other times I would go just to look. I would get to the store, walk the isles and bam it would hit me, I would see a nice blue shirt, I would look at the price and decide whether or not I could afford it, even though I didn’t need it. The thoughts of the beautiful girls I seen on the way to the store and in the store wearing hardly nothing would come into memory.

I would think man I’ll bet those girls would sure think I look good in this shirt. Now all the sudden I’m lusting or wanting some girl I don’t know but I sure enjoyed looking at her. I decide to buy the shirt, call up my friends and say, hey lets go out on Friday night and look for some girls, so I can wear my new shirt and look good. All the sudden pride comes in I’m looking in the mirror, saying to myself, “Wow, I look good!” Then suddenly vanity comes in and I am thinking, I won’t have any problems getting a girl with my new shirt. I get to the bar or a night club, drink a few drinks in my new shirt and proud of it. I start checking out some girls and really don’t catch any of their attention with my new shirt. I search the whole night trying to get some girl to check me out, get a few looks, but don’t get anywhere. All the sudden I’m feeling down and rejected, I get upset that I bought the stupid shirt in the first place. I’m wondering what people are thinking, I ask myself, “Do I look silly in the new shirt?” Fear comes in and I start getting uncomfortable and so on.

Can you see where I’m going with this? God just allowed me to give you a glimpse of my past for this book, to show you some demon and devil spirits at work. I put the Blood of Jesus Christ over the whole thing. What’s done is done, what’s past is past. I put the Blood of Jesus Christ over the past, Father give me the victory over the past in Jesus Holy name. I’ve said all that to show you the tactics of Satan and the tactics of the legal system. The legal system uses the tactics of forming words in a structure of laws that appeals to lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, to pride to fear, using services, goods, marketing, sales, and price wars and so on. Lawyers are used in businesses and corporations to set up systems that rob you and me of every dollar we have by the use of making advantages in taxes, tort reform, trade agreements, free markets and the global economy.

Have you ever asked yourself why S Corporations don’t have to pay taxes but the poorest people in Israel have to pay taxes. As a single man I pay 27% of my income to pay for taxes, this don’t include sales tax phone tax, property tax and so on. By the time the government, state and city is done taxing me, I have about 50% of my pay check left. Then there is the question of affordable housing, a single bedroom house or apartment in any big city will cost you an average of $750.00. Through the system used to set up companies that we buy from and support they are the very people that are suppressing and oppressing us. In the world we are bound by the law and those who put the laws in place and there is nothing we can do about it, because the financial systems own the world at this time.

If you want to get elected in this country all you got to do is get big corporations and financial institutions to fund you and you can make promises to them when you are elected. Through this funding you can hire people that have gathered your information. Target those people, through advertising, marketing and a play on words that appeal to your self-natural human spirit mind. All the sudden you’re at the voting table voting for some guy you know is evil, but he is the lesser of two evils so you vote for him anyway. Now these people you have just elected can get some bills passed or better yet some laws passed that will help their interests and make them more money and make you less and give them more control over what you do, where you go and what you are able to have. I hope you can see that how the paper trail of grouping words can set a path for destruction.

The legal system is set up for all financial institutions to get you to buy their products, whether there goods or services. These goods and services are used to get us to sin and break the commandments of God, so Satan and the Devil and his devils and demons can suppress, oppress and possess us into eternal Hell. Continue in your daily life through the self-natural human spirit and self-natural human spirit mind and see the mystery that has been revealed. Now the conviction of the Holy Spirit is with you and you will surely see the asunder of your soul. After reading, this testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit is now with you and will be with you, until the Day of Judgment.

Unless you come to the Ministry that is in Christ Jesus and allow the Spirit of Truth to come into you and live in a house of God Almighty through repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Your body is not of your own and the temple that resides in you is made a refuge for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of Power, Comfort, Truth and Love wishes to reside in you and lead you on the way to everlasting life and life more abundantly. I hope today you will see that we do not preach Death to you, but have shown you how you will surely Die. Now life has come to you through the words of this testimony and the witness of the Holy Spirit. Peace be upon you in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.


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